How it works

Voice-it is very fast to use! Record and send audio message from web!


What happend?

An email is sent to the recipient with attached an mp3 with your message. Isn't it easy?


This is a picture of the voice-it architecture



With Voice-it you can record and send you voice, record and send audio message, record audio from web, embed recorder from your web, create mp3 file to send, record mp3 file on your web pages. Embed your audio to your page.

Voice-it in breve

Voice-it allows you to record voice messages and send it to you or your friends by mail as mp3 attachments.
You can use it in your website, on facebook, Wordpress or download the widget for other platform.
Try it and send us your message, or send a voice messages to your friend! Isn't easy?

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Send audio messages from your web site

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Send audio messages to your friends from your web site

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